Nutrient-Rich Quinoa Broccoli Soup: Packed with proteins and fiber, this quick soup combines the goodness of quinoa and broccoli.

Effortless Blend: Pressure cook broccoli with aromatic spices and blend with tomatoes for a smooth mixture.

Quinoa Infusion: In a pan, sauté red onion, bell pepper, quinoa, garlic paste, and ginger paste with olive oil. Pour in the broccoli blend.

Add Dressing: Pour the garlic-mayonnaise mixture over the broccoli mixture. Gently combine.

Flavorful Simmer: Simmer the soup to perfection, letting the flavors meld.

Personalized Garnish: Garnish as desired for a personalized touch.

Enjoy the Goodness: Delight in this nutrient-packed soup, marrying health and taste effortlessly.