Savory Soups:  Enjoy a variety of vegetable soups before dinner, including options like tomato, bottle gourd, peas, mixed vegetables, and mushroom.

International Flavors:  Savor the goodness of Thai soup, adding a delightful twist to your winter meals.

Protein-Packed Lentils:  Incorporate lentil soup for a hearty and nutritious choice during colder days.

Spice Infusion:  Explore the rich flavors of Mulligatawny soup, adding warmth and spice to your winter evenings.

Hearty Vegetable Stew:  Delight in the wholesome goodness of a vegetable stew for a satisfying meal.

Quinoa and Barley Delights:  Include quinoa stew (for lunch and dinner) and barley soup in your meals for a healthy grain boost.

Diverse Plant-Based Options:  Embrace a variety of plant-based choices, such as vegan kadhi, steamed/parboiled sprout chat, steamed or grilled salads, and stir-fried vegetables.