Why To Eat Millets If You Have Diabetes

 Millets have shown to be especially beneficial for diabetes management, making it one of the better whole grains for managing blood sugar.

Millets are a good choice for diabetes due to its high fiber content.

Fiber helps slow digestion. As a result, sugar enters the bloodstream slowly, lessening the risk of a blood sugar spike.

Millets are lower on the glycemic index (GI) than many other grains.

That means it raises your blood sugar slowly and gradually instead of in quick spikes.

High-fiber, low-GI foods keep blood sugar steady, lower cholesterol, and help you lose weight. All of these things are helpful for people with diabetes.

 Keep in mind, though, that the GI value of millet varies depending on the type. For this reason, some types of millet are better than others if you have diabetes.