Why do Metformin Users Often Have Lower Vitamin B12 Levels?

Absorption Interference: Metformin may hinder the absorption of vitamin B12 in the digestive system.

Reduced Intrinsic Factor: Metformin can decrease the production of intrinsic factor, necessary for B12 absorption.

Long-Term Use Impact: Extended use of metformin may exacerbate B12 deficiency over time.

Monitoring Essential: Regular monitoring of B12 levels is crucial for those on long-term metformin therapy.

Supplementation Consideration: Individuals on metformin may need B12 supplements to address potential deficiencies.

Neuropathy Risk: Low B12 levels can contribute to neuropathy, which is already a concern in diabetes.

Healthcare Guidance: It's vital for healthcare providers to monitor and manage B12 levels in those using metformin.