Smart Sugar Choices: 5 Tips for Better Health

Label Caution: "Sugar-free" or "reduced sugar" claims don't guarantee low carbohydrates. Read Nutrition Facts for accurate carb and calorie information.

Sugar Substitute Caution: Evidence is inconclusive on the long-term benefits of sugar substitutes in managing blood sugar, weight, or cardiometabolic health.

Personal Choice: Sugar substitutes work for some but may not be ideal for everyone. It's a matter of personal preference.

Gradual Reduction: If reducing sugar or substitutes, start gradually. Replace one sugary drink with water at a time.

Choose Water: Water remains an excellent choice. Add fruits or herbs for flavor if needed, like sparkling strawberry mint infused water.

Combat water boredom by incorporating natural flavors. Stay creative to make healthier choices enjoyable.

Individualized Approach: Understand that everyone's response to sugar and substitutes varies; tailor your choices to what works best for your health and preferences.