Ingredients like almonds, raisins, raw mango, saffron, and stevia make this kesar elaichi shrikhand suitable for those with diabetes.

Non-Dairy: The recipe eliminates the use of animal milk, providing a dairy-free alternative to traditional shrikhand.

Unique Twist: The inclusion of raw mango adds a unique twist, enhancing the flavor and nutritional profile. Saffron soaked in water imparts a rich color and aroma to the dish, elevating its appeal.

Blend to Perfection: The method involves blending soaked almonds and raisins into a smooth consistency for a creamy texture.

Black Salt Addition: A pinch of black salt adds a subtle savory note, balancing the sweetness of the dish.

Ingredients:  2 Cups Almonds (Soaked) 1 Cup Raisins (Soaked) 2-3 Drops Stevia ½ Cup Raw Mango (Shredded) Pinch of Black Salt ½ Tsp Saffron (Soaked) 10 Cardamoms Sliced Pistachios (for garnish)

Method:  Blend almonds, raisins, raw mango, stevia, and cardamoms until smooth. Add black salt and soaked saffron, blend again. Garnish with sliced pistachios. Serve this unique, dairy-free, diabetes-friendly kesar elaichi shrikhand. Enjoy!