Eid Special Diabetes-Friendly Shahi Tukda

Begin by soaking 200 ml of almonds and 40 g of figs overnight in warm water.

After soaking, blend the soaked almonds and figs with some almond milk until you achieve a smooth paste consistency.

Cook the remaining almond milk along with the almond and fig paste over low heat until the mixture thickens slightly. Add 1 tsp of rose essence to enhance the flavor.

Cut 8 pieces of multigrain bread and toast them until they become crisp.

While the almond mixture is still warm, add strands of saffron to infuse flavor.

Place the toasted multigrain bread on a plate and spoon over the almond milk mixture generously.

Refrigerate the assembled dish for a few minutes to chill. Before serving, garnish with almond flakes or nuts of your choice for added texture and flavor.