Eid Special Diabetes-Friendly Seviyan

Ingredients:  50 g Whole Wheat Seviyan 30 tsp Foxtail Millet 500 ml Low Fat Skimmed Milk

1 tsp Ghee 200 ml Almond Milk (Optional) 5 g Cashew 10 g Walnuts 2 tsp Dry Coconut

1 g Kesar 1 tsp Rose Essence 25 g Cardamom Pods 2 Apples 1 tsp Sweetener (if required)

Method:  Heat ghee in a pan and toast the whole wheat seviyan; set aside.

Heat milk in a thick-bottomed pan and add soaked and washed foxtail millet along with almond milk. Simmer on low heat.

When the millet is half-cooked, add the seviyan, nuts, rose essence, and grated apple for sweetness.

Add water if the kheer looks too thick, cover, and cook on low heat until the millet is completely cooked.