Diabetes-Friendly Moong Dal and Coconut Laddus Recipe for Diwali

Ingredients: Moong Dal Powder (1 cup), Grated Coconut (½ coconut), Dates Paste (2 tbsp), Coconut Oil (1 tbsp), Dry Coconut (½ cup), Sesame Seeds (½ cup), Dry Dates Powder (1 tsp), Cardamom Powder (¼ tsp).

Roast & Powder: Dry roast and powder the moong dal.

Roast Ingredients: Roast dry coconut until golden, and sesame seeds until they pop.

Make Paste: Blend grated coconut and dates paste into a smooth mixture.

Cook & Cool: Heat coconut oil, add the paste, cook until golden, then let it cool.

Mix Ingredients: Combine moong dal powder, ground paste, roasted coconut, sesame seeds, dry dates powder, and cardamom powder.

Shape Laddus: Shape into small laddus and store in an airtight container.