Ingredients:  ½ cup Whole Wheat Flour (Khapligehu) ½ cup Broccoli (Blanched, finely chopped) ¼ cup Chopped Bean Sprouts ½ tsp Ginger Paste 1 tsp Green Chilli Paste 1 tsp Finely chopped Garlic Emmer wheat flour (Khapaligehunkaatta) for rolling Salt to taste

Dough Preparation:  Mix wheat flour and salt, knead into soft dough with water.

Stuffing Mix:  Combine broccoli, bean sprouts, ginger paste, green chili paste, garlic, and salt.

Divide and Roll:  Divide dough into 12 portions. Roll a portion into a 75 mm circle.

Filling:  Place 1 tbsp stuffing in the center.

Fold and Seal:  Fold into a semi-circle, press edges to seal. Bring corners together, pinch to seal.

Momo Assembly:  Repeat steps 4-6 for 11 more momos. Steam momos for 10 mins. Serve immediately for a delightful treat.