Diabetic-Friendly Flour: Khapli or Emmer Wheat flour makes this laccha paratha suitable for diabetics and health-conscious individuals.

Nutrient Boost: Sesame oil and flaxseed oil (or coconut butter) enhance nutritional content, providing essential fatty acids.

Digestive Aid: Carom seeds (ajwain) contribute to both flavor and digestive health.

Fermented Dough: Allowing the dough to stand and refrigerate promotes natural fermentation, improving texture and flavor.

Distinctive Shaping: Elongated roll and twisting technique create the paratha's multilayered and crispy nature.

Cooking Versatility: Tandoor, oven, or tawa (griddle) options cater to different kitchen setups.

Perfect Texture: The cooking process ensures the paratha becomes crispy and achieves the desired "khasta" texture.