Ingredients:  Dough: 1 Cup Khapli/Emmer Wheat, 2 Tbsp Oil, ¼ Cup Water Dates Syrup: ¼ Cup Dates, Stevia Drops, ½ Cup Water, Cardamom Powder, Lemon Juice

Syrup Preparation:  Mix syrup ingredients, cook till slightly thickened, set aside.

Dough:  Combine 1 cup flour, 2 tbsp oil, and ¼ cup water. Rest for 15 minutes.

Roll and Fry:  Roll thin, cut into a rectangle, roll tightly, cut into pieces, air fry until crispy.

Soak in Syrup:  Drop fried kajas into warm syrup, soak for 5 mins, ensuring even coating.

Storage:  Store airtight for 10-15 days.

Variation:  Add ½ cup finely chopped nuts before rolling.