Can Diabetics eat Banana ?

Bananas in Moderation: Diabetics can eat bananas in moderation.

Avoid High-Carb Combinations: Chief Nutrition Officer Seema Goel suggests avoiding banana consumption with major meals or those rich in carbohydrates.

Ideal as a Mid-Meal Snack: Bananas are safe as a mid-meal snack, helping distribute calories throughout the day

Banana Tea Option: Boil a whole banana in water to extract nutrients and eliminate carbs, then strain and drink as banana tea for benefits without excess sugar.

Raw Bananas for Low Sugar: Raw bananas have low sugar content, considered safe for diabetics. Resistant starch in bananas may help control blood sugar levels and support gut health.

Guidance on Timing and Amount: Consult a qualified nutritionist for advice on the timing and quantity of banana consumption, considering glycemic control and treatment.