Diabetes-Friendly Barley Khichdi:  An alternative to traditional khichdi, this barley version is diabetes-friendly, offering the satiety of barley goodness.

Simple Ingredients:  Utilizes basic ingredients like barley grain, cumin seeds, chili powder, groundnut powder, cooking oil, coriander leaves, and black salt.

Preparation Process:  Soak barley overnight, wash thoroughly, and pressure cook with minimal water. Mix in chili powder, groundnut powder, and salt after cooling. Tempering with cumin seeds and steaming ensures a flavorful and textured khichdi.

Careful Cooking Technique:  Avoid overcooking to prevent the khichdi from becoming soggy. Steam-cook, mixing at intervals, to maintain the desired softness.

Serving Suggestion:  Serve hot, and reheat in a pressure cooker to maintain the soft texture. Avoid wok reheating to prevent grains from hardening.

Snack Proportion Tip:  When consumed as a snack, enjoy in moderation to balance portion sizes.

Recipe Variation - Barley Khichadi Vadas:  Explore a healthy twist by preparing flatter barley khichadi vadas.