5 Foods that have more Iron than Spinach

Some iron-rich foods for diabetes that have more iron than spinach:

Amaranth:  Iron Content: 5.2 mg per cup (cooked). Quantity: A cup of cooked amaranth provides a substantial portion of daily iron needs.

Chia Seeds:  Iron Content: 2.2 mg per ounce (28.35 grams). Quantity: Standard serving size is about one ounce, offering a moderate iron amount.

Chickpeas:  Iron Content: 4.7 mg per cup (cooked). Quantity: Including a cup of cooked chickpeas significantly contributes to daily iron intake.

Lentils:  Iron Content: 6.6 mg per cup (cooked). Quantity: Consuming a cup of cooked lentils provides a substantial amount of iron, fiber, and protein.

Pumpkin Seeds:  Iron Content: 4.2 mg per ounce (28.35 grams). Quantity: Snacking on an ounce of pumpkin seeds gives a good dose of iron and other nutrients.

Quinoa:   A whole grain with more iron than spinach (approx. 2.8 mg per cup cooked). Rich in protein and fiber.