Holistic Well-being


Breathe Age is a personalised metric that consolidates several dimensions of your Lifestyle - Biomarkers, BMI, Activity, Nutrition, etc. and shows the deviation from your biological age.
A unique team challenge where employees compete with each other on the number of steps taken. The progress can be viewed on a real-time leaderboard in a fun way to help inspire everyone to increase their daily activity levels. Hardware agnostic - uses the pedometer present inside all smartphones, and syncs with all leading fitness tracking devices - FitBit, Garmin and Apple Watch.
Drive engaging workshops - Yoga, Meditation, Ergonomics, Calisthenics, Zumba, Kick-Boxing, Nutrition through our experts across 70 towns and cities in India!
Follow a world-class fitness regimen, anywhere, anytime. Access Breathe's proprietary fitness videos through our user-friendly mobile app.

Meditation and EAP

Short guided meditation sessions relating to everyday life and major changes. These can help alleviate stress, manage anxiety, strengthen relationships and boost confidence. There are certain meditation categories that can help mentally prepare for marriage, child-birth, relocation, appraisals and promotion.
A habit-formation technique where the employees are challenged to bring meditation into their daily lives. All employees are encouraged to meditate daily during the challenge and display gratitude for their colleagues to be motivated by.
Driving engaging and easy-to-follow meditation sessions in the office for beginners, intermediate and expert levels alike. This can be a great introduction to this highly beneficial practice!
EAP counsellors are available for one-on-one counselling sessions to help employees cope with professional and personal stress in their daily lives.
We offer science based, actionable and empathetic on-site intervention during critical times.

What is a critical incident?

A critical or traumatic incident can be any event that is outside the usual range of daily experience. Since the incident is always sudden and unexpected, it may overwhelm an individual’s ability to cope with the situation. This may cause a feeling of discomfort, powerlessness or psychological trauma.


Everyone is different, and every lifestyle has unique challenges. We use that as a starting point to understand your limitations and help you set your fitness goals.
Our lifestyle coach connects with you one-on-one, and creates a customized diet plan best suited to your goals and convenience.
A challenge where all employees compete towards healthy eating by following their customised diet plans and tracking their daily calorie intake. This challenge helps in healthy habit formation and keeps you under your daily recommended calorie intake.
Our powerful technology platform helps you build habits and makes it easier to follow your lifestyle plan.


Sleep is the underpinning of every aspect of your employee's physical and mental well-being. Sleep impacts decision-making, memory, creativity, focus, attention, energy, empathy and our ability to react calmly to challenging situations. If your company cares about enhancing any or all of those qualities in employees, making sleep a top priority is the way to do it. It's a proven way for companies to invest in their most important resource, their human capital.
Our sleep tracking technology makes sure we get accurate data about your employee's sleeping patterns.
Based on your employee's current sleeping patterns, our experts give actionable insights on how their sleep cycle can be improved for peak performance.

Unlock the true potential of your organization by focusing on the four pillars of well-being.


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