Your frequent headache could be triggered by these habits

Having a throbbing, pinching pain in your head is arguably one of the worst kinds of pain. More often than not your idea of dealing with a headache is to not think about it, avoid it or to just go to sleep. But it does not seem to help so much, does it? It makes you irritable, dizzy sometimes, and even decreases productivity since it stops you from focusing on anything. But did you know there are certain habits of yours that are perhaps unknowingly causing this headache?

  1. Stress– It is one of the most common causes of headaches. Manage your stress levels by planning your day ahead of time. It will make you less anxious since you will have an idea of what comes next. Planning in advance will also make you more productive. Another way to deal with stress can be to take up yoga and meditation. It will help you concentrate better and you will end up feeling more fresh and rejuvenated.
  2. Caffeine– You cannot disrupt the natural functioning of the body by constantly pushing it, especially by using caffeine as a fuel. Professionals especially drink too much coffee as they believe it will keep them energized and awake. But what they don’t realize is that it can dehydrate the body and can also induce headache. You already know how important keeping yourself hydrated is. But here is another reminder if you still have not realized the importance of it – Drink eight or more glasses of water every day!
  3. Skipping meals– Skipping meals can cause drastic drops in your blood-sugar levels which in turn can also cause headache. Instead of eating one or two heavy, filling meals, eat healthy small meals periodically, throughout the day.
  4. Alcohol Consumption– The concept of getting a hangover is not alien to people. Drinking alcohol can trigger headache and can even disrupt your sleep cycle. Red wine, specifically, is known to cause headaches.
  5. Abnormal Sleep Cycle– Lack of sleep or abnormal sleep patterns are likely to stimulate a pounding headache. Give your body a good night’s rest. Sleep in fresh clothes in clean sheets, in a comfortable position. Using your phones at bedtime till your eyes start hurting and you feel droopy, is never a good idea. Try to avoid all kinds of screens 40-50 minutes before you go to sleep. It cannot guarantee you a good sleep, but might help in keeping the recurring headaches at bay.

The next time you feel like your head is going to explode or that it is in splits, ponder over what you are doing wrong. Identify the problematic habits and rectify them.

Wishing you a healthy and headache-free life!




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