Why Even Women Should Indulge in Strength Training

Strength training helps you build a leaner, stronger and an all-round physique. While men are more than happy to lift weights, it is interesting to note that women generally shy away from weight training. It is often said that women are physiologically different from men; their bodies are not built for resistance training. And aerobic workouts like running, cycling are the ones they should indulge in.

Women, this is a misconception; there is no better way to get your dream figure than through strength training. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths that block this belief and keep women out of the weights room. Listed below are few of the prevalent ones:


Myth #1: Lifting weights = bulky physique
Fact: The female hormone estrogen prevents their body from producing large muscles. Hence, lifting weights would not lead to a bulky physique rather it will tone the muscles and improve their strength.

Myth #2: Only cardio can burn calories

Fact: Strength training rebuilds muscles and makes your metabolism faster. The more muscles it has, the more energy your body will have to spend. And over time, the baseline number of calories and fat that you burn every day will increase, even if you are resting.

Myth #3: Strength training increases chances of injury

Fact: If done incorrectly, any exercise can cause injury. Additionally, new fitness routines will leave you sore for a few days. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t lift weights. With proper technique and a spotter, we are sure you will enjoy this new workout routine.


So head to the gym today and find a strength training program that will help you develop lean muscle mass and keep the pounds at bay.


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