What’s the best workout for you, according to your age?

It is said that we must take care of our body; it is the only place we have to live. Most people neglect their fitness regimes as they get older. It is only when you hit senescence (or when your body starts showing signs of old age), do you realize that you should exercise more to keep diseases that come with old age, at bay.

And while it is important that we make health and fitness a priority, we need to be mindful of our approach towards it. What may benefit a 20-year-old may not be apt for you at the age of 50. Same exercises respond differently to the body at different ages. Read below to find out what type of workout regime you should be following at your age.

In your 20s – Your body is the strongest in your 20s. Take advantage of the fact by laying the foundation of a healthy lifestyle now. Studies show that people who work out regularly, at least 30 minutes of weight training followed by 30 minutes of cardio thrice a week run at a lower risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Eat a protein-rich diet and do more planks!

In your 30s – This is when your metabolism starts to slow down. Struggling to maintain a balance between your personal and hectic professional life often takes a toll on your health. Swimming, cycling, running will be the perfect blend that will provide you with the benefits of a full body workout. 30s is also the age where you start losing almost 1/3rd of your muscle weight. It’s time to indulge in some weight lifting for muscle retention.

In your 40s – Your body is becoming more susceptible to damage and you are likely to gain weight. You need to watch your diet, and involve yourself in more physical activities. Working out a schedule where you can do cardio thrice a day would benefit you. Also, if you are a woman in her late 40s, you probably feel mentally and physically exhausted all the time. Sign up for yoga classes. It will not only calm down your your raging hormones, but also push you towards a healthier lifestyle. Exercises like Pilates, squats and stair-climbing will help you maintain weight.

In your 50s – Do not even think of lifting the 15 kg dumbbells at the gym. Go for mild exercises instead. Do it in bursts and do it every day, it will be just as effective. In women, decreasing bone density is one of the major concerns at this age. Ensure that you’re not slouching while walking. It is also the best time to sign up for yoga classes and dance classes that you’ve perhaps always wanted to join.

In your 60s and later – Do not push yourselves to do vigorous exercises. Most people at this age get diagnosed with diabetes and fatal heart conditions. You are also prone to internal injuries and fractures. But just take a chill pill (the sugar-free one!) and relax. Going for a jog, brisk walking or even activities gardening will ensure better health.
Remember, the more you take care of your body, the longer you get to live in it. Happily and healthily!






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