Why You Should Go for Low Carb Diet?

If you remember, for a long time until a few years ago, every health advice you heard asked you to stay away from fats. Going fat-free was the fitness mantra back then.

And now all of a sudden, we seem to have a new villain – Carbohydrates. Now, we have come to realize that fats are essential and they don’t cause much harm to our health as carbohydrates do. But, fats are easy to eliminate from our diet as they don’t constitute a major part. All we had to do was cut down on oil and butter, dairy products and continue the rest of our diet as we did.

However, dealing with carbohydrates is a lot more complex. Because, carbohydrates form the main composition of our nutrition. All of our foods, in almost every meal consist of a good amount of carbs. Wheat, rice, potatoes—foods that were considered staples—have carbs in them. And so, consuming fewer carbs was a challenge for everyone. It was then that we started exploring the power of proteins, and vegetables and fruits

But, why are carbs so bad? What was the need to limit carbs in our diet? Well, here we are to tell you how a low-carb diet benefits your body in different ways.

  1. Low appetite– You experience reduced appetite when on a low-carb diet. This results in consumption of fewer calories and thereby easy loss of weight.
  2. Burning of belly fat– Belly fat or abdominal fat, also known to be the most dangerous and stubborn fat of all, is the potential cause of many diseases. This stored fat on your belly can be reduced with the help of low-carb diets.
  3. Low blood sugar and blood pressure– Diets that have low carbs have shown to lower the level of blood sugar, blood pressure and triglycerides. They are also proven to increase the level of good cholesterol and decrease the level of bad cholesterol in your body.
  4. Low insulin– Insulin is responsible for transporting glucose from your food (carbs) into the cells. The function of insulin is also to store fat. When you consume a low-carb diet, the level of insulin in your body is restricted leading to less storage of fats.
  5. Losing excess water– Insulin also makes it possible for kidneys to store sodium. Therefore more insulin implies more sodium and also excess water retention in your kidneys. But, with low levels of insulin in your body, thanks to low-carb diet, your kidneys start getting rid of excess stored water. Therefore, in the first few days of a low-carb diet, we lose a lot of water weight.

A low-carb diet is a great way to lose weight and become fitter. However, when starting out, there may be a phase wherein your body takes time to get used to the idea of burning fat instead of carbs. This may last for a few days and it’s called low-carb flu. Once past this, you will start to feel more energetic and active during the day, all thanks to your low-carb diet!

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