What is the Calisthenics workout?

Calisthenics workout commonly referred to as body-weight training is a type of workout comprising rhythmic physical exercises ranging from push-ups to lunges to skipping that requires minimum to no equipment and can be performed anywhere. It is affordable (unlike your gym membership), convenient and keeps you in shape.

Calisthenics helps build endurance, muscular strength, and control. It also helps in increasing flexibility, improving coordination, and over-all control over your body.

Unlike heavy weight lifting, the risk of suffering injuries is lesser while engaging in calisthenics. But, it is as effective as any other type of workout regime. What more could you ask for?

The best part about calisthenics is that it functions at levels, so no matter what level you are at right now, whether you are an amateur or a pro, you will find exercises to suit yourself. Listing down a few of those for you to burn calories faster than ever before and get that active, lean, fit body you have always wanted!

  1. Squat Jump– You know how to do a squat, this is just taking it a step ahead. Hold a squat down keeping your back arched and knees above your heels. Now jump in the air releasing your arms from the squat and go back to the starting position.
  2. Pull ups– No, you do not necessarily need any equipment for this. Just go out, grasp onto a tree branch and pull your body upwards. Work your arms up, champ!
  3. Jumping Jacks– Oh, yes! Do it the traditional way. It is a total body work out and burns a considerable amount of calories. Stand with your back straight and your feet together. Let your arms rest at their respective sides. Now inhale and jump, widening your legs out and simultaneously, raising your arms overhead and clapping. Now bring your hand down and feet in the starting position. Do 3 sets of 20.
  4. Step ups– You can do this with the help of a 14-16 inches tall stable stool or stairs. Make sure whatever you’re using can bear your weight. Put one foot on the stool first, and then put the other one too standing tall on it. Now step back down one foot at a time and return to the starting position. Keep increasing the pace with time.

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