Why is Dairy Bad for Diabetics ?

Milk's calcium is poorly absorbed and can deplete bone calcium.

Consumption of milk promotes insulin insensitivity which makes it dangerous for people with diabetes.

Milk's carbohydrate content, mainly lactose, can spike blood sugar levels, posing challenges for diabetics.

Milk is very high in fat which is  directly linked to high blood cholesterol and heart disease.

Insulin-like Growth Factors in milk mimic insulin but hinder its function. Eliminating milk products aids in lowering blood sugar levels effectively.

Remove milk and milk products for 3-4 weeks. Observe improved blood sugar levels, weight loss, digestion, and increased energy.

Plant-based options offer superior bio-available calcium and valuable nutrients. Like collards, bok choy, baked beans, leafy green vegetables, soy-milk, tofu…are all high in calcium.