Which Type of Oats is Best for Diabetes ?

Oat groats (hulled or crushed grain); the manner in which they are processed makes a big difference to their health benefits.

Types of oats  Rolled oats diabetes  Instant oats for diabetes  Steel-cut oats for diabetes

Rolled oats diabetes  These are made from oat groats that are steamed and flattened to form flakes

Instant oats for diabetes  These are steamed for a long period and rolled into thin flakes, which speeds up cooking but increases their GI

Steel-cut oats for diabetes  Steel-cut oats are larger than rolled oats, which makes them long cooking oats; but, it also keeps the GI lower than instant oats

As steel-cut oats are the least processed version of oats, they are the most suitable for the diabetic diet.

Worst of all are instant oats. These have a higher GI rating, as well as a high Glycemic Load (GL)