Which Millet is good for Diabetics ?

Millet: It is a nutritious, gluten-free whole grain that's easily digested and offers numerous health benefits.

Millets are a Low-GI, high-fiber grain that stabilizes blood sugar, reduces cholesterol and aids in weight loss.

Barnyard Millet Low GI (42.3)  It has a positive impact on blood glucose and serum lipid levels

Foxtail Millet  Moderate GI (54.5)  It helps to lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides.

Little Millet Moderate GI (64.2)  It helps to maintain constant blood sugar levels

Pearl Millet Moderate GI (56.6)  It helps to increase insulin sensitivity and lower the level of triglycerides.

Millets help in controlling and managing diabetes. So one should include millets in their daily diet .