Vrat Tips: Magical Benefits for Diabetes

Rajgeera (amaranth seeds): a pseudo cereal and our Indian quinoa, gluten-free rich in fiber,carbs, protein & minerals.

Siridhanya (Millets): an excellent source of calcium, fiber, iron, protein, etc. and a gluten free grain.

Foxnut(makhana): It is safe for diabetics and weight watchers which adds to your mineral requirement.

During fasting hours, it is necessary to sip non-calorie fluids or water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Fruit-infused water with a pinch of rock salt.

Continue to involve yourself in light physical activity rather than heavy exercise which demands more hydration & nutrients.

Avoid consuming excess caffeinated drinks such as coffee, fizzy drinks, tea, green tea, etc. Caffeine makes you more dehydrated.