Veg Cutlet for Diabetes Recipe

The glycemic index of sweet potato is 54 which puts it in the low GI category

But due to its bit high glycemic load of 11.3, it comes under the medium GI range.

Sweet potato is safe for diabetics if had in moderation. Its high fiber content greatly helps in digestion and slowing down the rise of blood sugar levels.

Ingredients:  Soaked masoor dal – 1 cup  Steamed and mashed sweet potato – ½ cup  Finely chopped mixed vegetables – 1-1/2 cup (cauliflower, green peas, French beans, grated carrot)

Finely chopped onion – 1 cup  Ginger- garlic paste – 1 tbsp  Kanda lasoon masala  Ginger  Green chilli  Jeera  Salt

Method: Steam the vegetables.Cool them.  Press and remove water from them.  Use this water to grind the masoor dal with jeera, ginger, and green chilies.

Sauté chopped onion, ginger- garlic paste.Add masala.  Put the steamed veggies, masoor dal paste, and mashed sweet potato.  Add salt and mix everything together.  Give the desired shape of cutlets and shallow fry in the pan.

This veg cutlet is very good for diabetics as it has all the goodness of sweet potatoes, several vegetables and most importantly it has masoor dal in it which gives it more points on the diet table.