Things to Know Before Consuming Sugarcane Juice in Diabetes

Amount of Sugar

The amount of sugar in sugarcane is very high, due to which the glycemic load of the body can increase, and blood sugar levels can also be affected.

Consume Fresh

If not consumed within 15 minutes, sugarcane juice can become poisonous and cause many stomach-related problems.

Blood Thiner

Sugarcane juice contains policosanol which thins the blood, resulting in excessive bleeding


Sugarcane juice can also trigger headache, if you often have headache then avoid drinking sugarcane juice.

Increases Weight

Drinking sugarcane juice can increase the number of calories in the body, due to which your weight can increase further.

Increases Cholesterol

If you already have increased cholesterol, do not consume it, it can increase bird cholesterol in excess.

Digestive Problems

Polycosnal found in sugarcane juice also has a bad effect on the digestive system, due to which you have to face problems like abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Stress & Insomnia

Sugarcane juice contains polycosanol, which can worsen stress and insomnia if consumed excessively.