Must Know Facts About Stevia

A Diabetic-Friendly Sugar Substitute.

What Is Stevia?

Stevia, a sweetener derived from Stevia plant leaves, has gained popularity among diabetics as an all-natural, zero-calorie sugar alternative.

Doesn’t Raise Blood Sugar

Glycemic Index (GI) of Stevia is 0. This means that Stevia has very minimal or no effect on blood sugar levels, unlike sugar which has a GI of 65.

Zero Calories Per Teaspoon

While sugar has about 16 calories/teaspoon, Stevia has zero calories/teaspoon, which is a plus for weight management.

Much Sweeter Than Sugar

Stevia in its refined form is about 200-300 times sweeter than table sugar. So you need very little to sweeten your food or drink.

Helps Prevent Cancer

Other than regulating blood sugar, Stevia also provides antioxidant properties, including cancer-prevention attributes such as kaempferol.

Helps Manage Blood Pressure

Studies have shown that Stevia also carries cardiotonic properties that help regulate blood pressure and heartbeat.

Side Effects

Stevia is generally safe, it may carry a few side effects such as allergic reactions, hormonal effects medicinal reactions, and gastrointestinal problems.


You can consider replacing sugar with Stevia, as it’s a much safer, healthier alternative. One must be careful with its use, and consult a doctor before consumption.