Most Important Exercise For Diabetes

The connection between diabetes and exercise was established a long time ago.

The diabetic urgently needs to maximize energy usage, i.e. the quantity of glucose from the bloodstream that enters the muscle cells where they are converted into energy through mitochondrial activity.

While walking does use the large muscle of the legs, it does so efficiently, meaning low calorific burn. Not a good outcome for people looking to maximize calorie burn and lose weight.

There are other, far more effective exercises for diabetics. Not only do these exercises deliver superior outcomes, but they are also more enjoyable and can deliver better results than walking in a far shorter duration.

But exercise is not just about expending calories through movement.It must also incorporate, muscle building, balance and flexibility, and endurance exercises.

The number one exercise by choice—not just for diabetics, but anyone looking to lose weight and become stronger and healthier—is Anti-Gravity.

Simple stair climbing, done about 1.5 to 2 hours after a meal can drop BSL readings by 40 to 50 counts. Other alternatives are Nitric Oxide dump and horizontal cycling.