Low GI Nutrient-Rich Fruit: Oranges, with a low Glycemic Index, are a diabetes-friendly choice packed with essential nutrients.

Balanced Composition: With 12% carbohydrates, 87% water, and negligible fat, oranges offer a well-rounded nutritional profile.

Vision Boost: Abundant in Vitamin C and beta carotene, oranges contribute to enhanced vision.

Potassium for Blood Pressure: A good source of potassium, oranges assist in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels.

Protective Flavonoids: Flavanones, phenolic acid, and flavonols in oranges provide protective benefits, particularly beneficial for diabetes management.

Glucose Metabolism Support: Oranges slow glucose uptake and inhibit glucose movement through the intestines and liver, aiding in better glucose metabolism.

Holistic Health Support: Combining a low GI, vital nutrients, and protective compounds, oranges offer overall health benefits for individuals with diabetes.