Is Guava Diabetes-Friendly ?

Low GI and GL Values: Guava's low Glycemic Index (12-24) and Glycemic Load (1.3-5) make it a diabetes-friendly choice.

Ideal Snack: With a low GI, guava is a perfect snack for stable blood sugar levels.

Rich in Fiber (Pectin): Guava's dietary fiber content, especially pectin, aids in managing constipation.

Vitamin C and Phenolic Compounds: Abundant in nutrients like Vitamin C and phenolic compounds, guava enhances overall nutrition.

Antioxidant Powerhouse: Guava's antioxidants contribute to effective type 2 diabetes management by reducing oxidative stress.

Guava Leaves Benefits: Guava leaves, especially in tea form, offer natural support in treating diabetes.

Natural Aid: Guava, whether as a whole fruit or in tea, serves as a nutritious and natural ally in type 2 diabetes management.