Hair Loss In Diabetes

Hair Loss in Diabetes: Causes and Prevention

High Sugar Levels  causes damage to blood vessels that supply blood to the hair follicles and weaken them.

Inflammation   Diabetes causes inflammation, which leads to hair loss. Inflammation affects the hair growth cycle negatively.

Stress or Anxiety    High-stress levels cause inflammation, which increases hair loss. So, manage your stress levels through activities like yoga & meditation.

Unhealthy Foods Keep a check on what you eat. Consuming unhealthy foods will only increase the risk of more hair fall.

How to prevent hair loss in diabetes?

Eating a healthy diet  A healthy diet should include nutrients like proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals, which will help in healthy hair growth.

Sweet potato Fish Avocado  Dry fruits like almonds, walnuts  Peanuts  Eggs  Yeast based foods   Kidney and liver

Medications are available for hair loss, but they should be considered only if natural remedies fail to yield results.

Medicines for Controlling Hair Loss  Minoxidil  Finasteride  Biotin pills

Note: We always suggest consulting your doctor before consuming any medicines.