Portion Control  Practicing portion control can also help keep your blood sugar levels within target range.

Nutrient-Dense Foods  “Nutrient-Dense” food means a food that contains a high number of nutrients — such as vitamins and minerals

Limit refined carbohydrates  Refined carbohydrates tend to be low in nutrients but high in calories

Choose healthy fats  According to the American Diabetes Association, the types of fat that you eat are more important than the total amount of fat that you eat.

On the other hand, the organization recommends limiting your intake of saturated fat and avoiding trans fat.

Sources of saturated fat to avoid include:  high-fat dairy products, such as cream, whole milk, and full-fat cheese butter

Sources of trans fat include:  processed snack foods, such as potato chips stick margarine shortening

Maintain your target weight  If you’re overweight, losing 5 to 10 percent of your bodyweight may help lower your blood sugar levels