Diabetes-Friendly Coconut Banana Burfi  Recipe

Ingredients:  4 Cups Fresh Coconut (Scraped) 4 Drops Stevia 2 Tbsp Cashew Paste 1 Tbsp Almonds (Blanched & shredded) 1 Tbsp Pistachio (Blanched & shredded) 1 Ripened Banana

Method:  Mix coconut, mashed banana, and cashew paste in a kadai. Roast until it thickens to a halwa-like consistency. Add pistachio and almonds. Spread in a tray, cut into burfi shapes when cooled.

Health Feature:  Diabetes-friendly: Uses stevia instead of sugar, avoiding animal milk.

Cooking Tip:  Roast until a halwa-like consistency is achieved for the right texture.

Flavor Enhancement:  The combination of ripe banana, coconut, and nuts enhances the flavor.

Presentation:  Smoothen the edges of the batter before cutting into burfi shapes for an appealing presentation.