How to Detect Diabetes at Home?

Diabetes detection at home is done through a Glucometer. But one can also know by catching these symptoms.

Excessive Hunger

If you feel hungry (more than usual), even after eating a good portion, it's likely that you have diabetes.

Frequent Urination

Excessive urination is another symptom of diabetes. It happens as the kidneys push the excessive glucose out of your body.

Feeling Tired/Fatigue

If you constantly feel tired despite enough rest or experience sudden drops in energy levels, it could be a sign of diabetes.

Unclear/Blurred Vision

Diabetes causes fluctuation in blood sugar levels which can affect the lens of the eyes, thus causing unclear vision.

Excessive Thirst

In diabetes, excessive water is drawn out from the body through urine, which increases the urge to drink more.

Unintended Weight Loss

Losing weight without trying, without any change in eating habits is another sign of diabetes.

Tingling Sensation

Feeling of 'pins and needles' in hands and feet is caused by damage to the blood vessels, which usually happens in diabetes.

Repeated Infections

Diabetes weakens the immune system, which can make you catch infections frequently that don't go away easily.

Delayed Wound Healing

In diabetes, wounds heal slowly because of poor blood flow, high blood sugar, and a weakened immune system.


If you notice any of these symptoms, consider consulting your doctor. You can also take a diabetes risk assessment to understand your health better.