Can Stress Cause Diabetes ?

 When it comes to lifestyle disorders like diabetes, one of the most insidious villains is stress.

Along with diet and exercise, stress is a trigger for insulin resistance, the root cause of diabetes, BP, kidney disorder, PCOD/S, and a host of others.

 When you’re worried, anxious, depressed, or angry, the adrenal gland releases cortisol directly into the bloodstream.

Now cortisol—which is also known as the stress hormone works in opposition to insulin.

Thus, it lowers or stops insulin production, diverting glucose to the muscles so it can be used immediately.

However, the rising levels of stress, we experience in our daily urban life, though small, can be continuous, causing the adrenals to release cortisol throughout the day.

This leads to a permanently high heart rate and equally elevated blood glucose. Over time this leads to full-blown diabetes.