Burfee Recipe for Diabetes

Burfee Also known as burfi is a basic type of fudge from North Indian cuisine. It is made using full-fat milk, nuts, ghee, and sugar.

But our burfi avoids the usage of animal milk, ghee, and sugar all the traditional ingredients. It suggests the use of a lot of nuts and stevia to make it sweet.

Ingredients ½ Cup Almonds ½ Cup Cashews 2 Dates Stevia Drops as per Taste

Ingredients   ½ Cup Thinly Sliced Peeled and Toasted Almonds 1 Tsp Poppy Seeds/ Khaskhas ¼ Tsp Cardamom/ Elaichi Powder ¼ Tsp Nutmeg Powder ½ Tsp oil

Method Soak washed and peeled almonds and cashews. Also, soak washed and chopped dates in 3 separate katoris overnight. The next morning, remove the water from the nuts and wash the nuts well.

Retain the water from the dates. Put the nuts, dates, 4 drops of stevia, cardamom, and nutmeg in a blender/ food processor jar, and blend to a fine paste.  Add half the sliced toasted almonds and half the poppy seeds to the nut paste and mix in gently.

Add more stevia if needed.  Grease a baking tray with the oil. Pour the paste into the greased tray and sprinkle the remaining poppy seeds and toasted almonds evenly on top, pressing it in slightly.