Best South Indian Diabetes friendly Lunch Options

Lemon Rice  To make lemon rice one can use Brown Basmatic rice to make it diabetes-friendly.

Variations: Rice can be replaced by Millets (Proso/Foxtail/ Kodo).

Muga Mole Randayi   Mooga mole means sprouted moong.

The original dish is made using a green turnip along with sprouted moong.

But one can use raw bananas, jackfruit or bamboo shoots any one of these as they are more good for diabetics.

Aviyal (Mixed Vegetable In Coconut Gravy)   Instead of Vegan curd (yogurt), you can use raw mango.

Kadala Curry  Chickpeas are a good source of fiber, protein, and nutrients.  Additionally, this recipe is gluten-free too.  All this makes it a good curry item for diabetics.