Best Navratri Snacks for Fasting with Diabetes

Sweet Potato can be had around 100g per day in grated form or in cutlets. It has great nutritive value.

Makhana snacks, kheer in coconut milk with stevia as sweetener.

Shingada sheera: with almond milk/ coconut milk, date paste and cardamom powder can be made.....If no medicines and fasting sugars are 100   or below. IF SUGARS ARE HIGH AVOID DATES TOTALLY.

Groundnut Amti: with little tamarind and ginger + Proso millet with dry tadaka (of jeera, green chili) can be had OR plain rice made of proso millet + 1 bowl cut pieces of cucumber or kakdichi koshimbir.

Kavath chutney (wood apple)/ Sweet and savoury juice of kavath/ Bel/ Tadgola (Ice apple) allowed

Coconut milk: 60 ml if thin and 30 ml if thick, per day or 2 tablespoons (tbsp) of scraped coconut is allowed per day or 1/4 of a medium-sized fresh coconut. Tender coconut water allowed.

Soaked Nuts: 20-25 groundnut OR 10 almonds OR 5 whole walnuts can be had in a day (if not having nuts in any other form)