Best Diabetes Friendly Snacks

Almonds   They are rich in essential nutrients, which help prevent and regulate diabetes.

Green Moong Dal Pancakes  The fibre in moong dal ensures that the food is not digested too fast, and your blood sugar levels are stable.

Makhana or Fox Nuts   They are low in glycemic index and contain reasonable amounts of protein.

Trail mix  It is a healthy snack made by mixing dried fruits, seeds and nuts.

Sprouts salad  Sprouts made of any kind of legume or lentil makes for a good source of fibre.

Channa Dal Cabbage Tikki  Baked or air-fried tikki made with the goodness of channa dal and cabbage is diabetes-friendly.

Avocado Toast   They are low in carbohydrates and high in fibre, making it great for diabetes.Spread it on a multigrain toast.