Benefits of Suryanamaskar for Diabetes

The asanas performed during suryanamaskar, specifically, the forward folds, stoke our Agni—digestive fire—improving digestion and also clearing toxins accumulated within our systems.

By improving muscle tone and lean mass, suryanamaskar helps lower Blood Sugar Levels.

The combination of asana movements and meditative breathing techniques has been proven to improve stress regulation through the production of dopamine.

When each pose is done mindfully with the recommended breathing technique, the entire practice takes on a meditative aspect.

A single round, which comprises two circuits will burn about 13 calories.   The standard practice is to do 12 asanas in one set. i.e 12x2 or 24 in each round.

So when it is repeated 12 times you’re basically doing 288 asanas.   This takes about 20 minutes; which means that in just 20 minutes you will be burning 13 x20 = 260 calories.

Weight control is a very important aspect of controlling diabetes. By increasing calorie burn, the suryanamaskar helps regulate BSL.