Are Eggs Good For Diabetes?

Eggs are a powerhouse of essential nutrients and can make a good addition to your diabetes diet.

Glycemic Index = Zero (0)  The GI of eggs is zero, meaning they have almost no effect on your blood sugar levels.

Rich In Proteins  A normal-sized egg has about 6 grams of protein, which covers a significant portion of your protein needs in a day.

Helps Curb Hunger  People with diabetes feel a constant urge to eat. Eggs play a vital role in promoting the feeling of fullness, controlling hunger pangs.

Quantity  Studies suggest that you can eat about 12 eggs a week if you're a diabetic. However, it might vary as per the individual condition.

Low On Carbs  One egg contains approx 0.35 grams of carbs, which is extremely low. Meaning, it will not make your sugar levels rise quickly.

Cholesterol Levels  With a plenty of benefits for diabetics, eggs may rise cholesterol levels if eaten in excess.