7 Common Indian Foods And Their Glycemic Index

Whole Wheat Roti Average Glycemic Index is anywhere between 62-85, which is considered high.

White Rice  Glycemic Index - More than 70 (high). Consider adding brown rice to your diet instead, which has a low GI of around 50.

Chana (Chickpeas)  Chana has an extremely low glycemic index of less than 30. Meaning, it has no to very low effect on blood sugar levels.

Rajma (Kidney Beans)  Glycemic Index; 18-30 (very low). However, eating Rajma with White Rice or Whole Wheat Roti may increase sugar levels.

Sweet Potatoes  GI can be anywhere around 70. Generally, a half cup of sweet potato is considered appropriate for diabetics.

Paneer  Has a low GI of less than 30. Paneer can improve bone, muscle, and gut health.

Arhar (Toor) Dal  With a low GI of 29, Arhar Dal is an excellent addition to your diabetes diet.