Diabetes and Homeopathy : Know About Homeopathic Medicine, Remedies For High Blood Sugar

Diabetes can affect any person of any age. It is a lifelong disorder in which your blood glucose levels become high. It is difficult for diabetes patients to manage diabetes only with some positive lifestyle changes. They need some medications as well to bring their blood sugar levels to normal levels. Most diabetes patients often opt for allopathic medicine. However, homeopathy can also be beneficial in treating diabetes. Read this blog to know about homeopathic medicine for diabetes along with remedies and treatment.

A Brief Description of Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus or diabetes is a common disease worldwide. It is a metabolic disorder that is identified with the increase in the blood sugar level of a person. Diabetes care is important because the increase in blood sugar levels affects the functioning of various organs of your body. A person develops diabetes due to not enough or no production of insulin in the body. The primary approaches that help to treat diabetes including lifestyle modification and medication (allopathic, homeopathic, or herbal). This blog will explain about top 10 homeopathic medicine for diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes

In several diabetes cases, there are no symptoms at first. However, such diabetes patients start experiencing the complications gradually. That’s why it is significant to regularly get your blood sugar check. The common symptoms of diabetes include:

  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Frequent urination
  • Increase in thirst and hunger
  • Weight loss
  • Blur vision

Homeopathic Treatment of Diabetes

Diabetes has the propensity to cause severe complications to different organs of the body. Homeopathic treatment for diabetes ensures a holistic approach. It is a non-interventional therapy to treat diabetes. Generally, a lengthy and profound physical and psychological evaluation of the patient helps to prescribe suitable medicine. However, hardly any other treatment of diabetes considers these evaluations. Homeopathy treatment relies on wholesome patient information before starting the homeopathy treatment.

Work of Homeopathy in Treating Diabetes

According to homeopathy, a disease is a reflection of disruption to the vital force. This force is the regulator of the inner energy of your body that directs and maintains life. It enables the bodies to adapt to the environmental changes for self-healing. Therefore, the symptoms of the disease or illness are the consequences of deep disturbances in the flow of vital force. Diabetes is a result of problems like genetic factors or altered immunity. It needs a holistic approach to treatment.

Homeopathy: Not a Quick Therapy for Diabetes Patients

If you are looking for instant therapy or want to control your blood sugar levels instantly, homeopathy remedies are not a good idea to choose. Homeopathy remedies need some time to show the effect on your health condition. Diabetes may take a long time to heal completely or reverse. Homeopathy remedies in such cases help in preventing the complications of diabetes. You may expect to see the result in few weeks to a couple of months. If you are expecting quick results, you can use homeopathy medicines as complementary to conventional medications.

Homeopathic Remedies For Diabetes

Homeopathy remedies are natural as they constitute the extracts of minerals, plants, and animals. According to the homeopathy principle, a substance in its diluted form has most of its therapeutic strength. Hence, the doctors recommend most of the homeopathy medicines to diabetes patients after dilution. The natural substance for homeopathy remedies goes through the dilution process till it contains only a trace of the original natural substance. After that, you can get the following from the concentrates of substances:

  • Tablet
  • Oil
  • Ointment
  • Sugar Pallets
  • Drops
  • Creams

Top 10 Homeopathic Medicine for Diabetes


Many medicines in homeopathy are available for treating symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, taking such diabetes medications can relieve you from the health issues and complications due to diabetes. However, sugar patients need to consult with their homeopathic doctor before taking the diabetes medications. Such medicines are safe but, you should administer them in the correct dosage.

Homeopathy medicines are helpful for Diabetes Type-1 and type-2. However, there is no substitute for insulin in homeopathy. But, homeopathic treatment helps in managing the metabolic aspect of diabetes patients with both nutritional and therapeutic measures. Homeopathy treatment takes into account that no two diabetes patients have the same problems. Every patient has a unique problem thus, not all the medications are suitable for all diabetes patients.

Following are the different types of homeopathic medicine for diabetes:

Abroma Augusta

It is the most popular diabetes medicine in homeopathy. The doctor prescribes Abroma Augusta to diabetes patients who feel extreme weakness due to losing flesh. It is also beneficial for patients experiencing thirst with dryness in the mouth, frequent urination, and an increased appetite. Many diabetes patients suffer from sleeplessness also due to high blood sugar levels. Abroma Augusta is helpful to them also.

Jambolanum or S. cumini (black plum)

It is the best homeopathic medicine that helps in reducing blood sugar levels. It treats the symptoms of diabetes like thirst, weakness, and excessive urination. Administer this medicine at suitable intervals to maintain your blood sugar levels to normal. It helps in the diminution of sugar in urine and treating diabetes-related old ulcers of the skin. You need to take 15 drops of Syzygium jambolanum mother tincture in half a glass of water, 10 minutes before every meal.

Uranium Nitricum

It is a chief diuretic homeopathic remedy for diabetes. It helps to treat urination with incontinence of urine, enuresis, and burning in the urethra due to rise in blood glucose levels. Uranium Nitricum homeopathic medicine helps treat high blood sugar levels, high blood pressure, and fatty liver conditions. Take the dosage of Uranium nitricum only after the prescription of a doctor.


Conium can treat numbness of feet and hands and nerve damage due to high blood sugar levels. It also treats muscular weakness in the lower part of your body. Conium is also known as poisonous hemlock. It is highly toxic. Though conium does not affect the intellectual part of the body, it acts feebly on the spinal cord. Therefore, it helps in treating nervomuscular problems due to high glucose levels. It promotes better sleep because it helps in relieving the pain due to neuropathy.

Phosphoric acid

Phosphoric acid is another natural homeopathic medicine for treating diabetes. Generally, it treats diabetes if it is of nerves origin. The homeopathic doctor may prescribe phosphoric acid when diabetes patients suffer from frequent urination. Along with that, if the urine color is milky, it indicates a high amount of sugar in the urine. Phosphoric acid can treat diabetes when it is in the rudimentary stage.


Phosphorus is a compound suitable for patients with high blood sugar levels and pancreatic diseases, especially tuberculosis. Diabetes patients having the symptoms like dry mouth, restlessness, dry and watery stool gain benefits from phosphorus as the diabetes medications.

Argentum Metallicum

The doctor prescribes Argentum metallicum to diabetes patients suffering from frequent and profuse urination. Sugar patients who may pass the urine unconsciously also get relief after taking Argentum metallicum. Take five drops in half a cup of water three times a day. You can medicate the granules and take them three times or as directed by the physician.

Natrum Phos 3x

Natrum Phos 3x is another homeopathy remedy for diabetes patients. It helps to treat digestive disorders and thereby reducing blood sugar levels. Natrum Phos 3x has a positive effect as a stand-alone remedy or adjunct with other homeopathic remedies for diabetes patients.  It is available as a biochemical tablet.

Cephalandra Indica

Cephalandra Indica is another beneficial homeopathic remedy for diabetes patients. It treats the blood urea and manages the blood sugar levels. Diabetes patients who are suffering from the adverse effects of diabetes symptoms can take this medication for relief. However, it may take some time to show the relieving signs of diabetes symptoms. It acts as a detoxifier and relieves kidney ailments as well.

Natrum Mur

High blood sugar is also a result of an imbalance of your body fluids. Natrum Mur helps in promoting and maintaining a healthy balance in your body. Therefore, your kidneys work smoothly to flush out the excess glucose from your body thereby, keeping your blood sugar levels in control. It is available as a tincture or tablet. If you are taking a mother tincture, take 3-5 drops of dilution in half a cup of water three times a day.  Otherwise, you can suck or chew the tablet as directed by the physician.

Ways to Take Homeopathic Remedies For Diabetes


To get the maximum effect of homeopathic medications for diabetes, make sure you follow the correct administration methods of the homeopathic medicines. Diabetes patients may take homeopathic medicines along with conventional diabetes medication. However, you should check with your doctor about the diabetes medications that you are taking.

Homeopathic remedies for diabetes come in several formats. Therefore, read the instructions carefully before administering the dosage of remedies. You can handle the remedies in the best way if your hands are clean and free from fragrances or odour.

  • For the remedies dispense in envelop: Some homeopathic medicines need to be dispensed into an envelope. If a doctor prescribes you such a homeopathy remedy, you have to lick the lip with your index finger and dip it into an envelope. The pallets will stick to your finger then you can just put them in your mouth and suck slowly.
  • Eating instructions while taking homeopathic remedies: If you are on homeopathic remedies, ensure that you do not eat anything at least 30-60 minutes before and after taking homeopathy medicine for diabetes. Keep your mouth free from tastes like mouthwash, breath mints, drinks, foods, etc.
  • Avoid medications during the menstrual period: Many homeopathic medicines are unsuitable for women during their menstrual period. Therefore, if you start taking homeopathic remedies for diabetes ask your doctor if the medication is safe to take during the menstrual period.
  • Do not take any cannabis product: Diabetes patients taking homeopathic remedies should abstain from taking any cannabis product. It could adverse the effect of homeopathic medications in treating the symptoms of diabetes.
  • Avoid taking herbal supplements: Herbal supplements for diabetes may mask your symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, prescribing homeopathic remedies becomes difficult. Avoid the use of camphor, eucalyptus, and other products with a strong scent.

A lot of people these days are inclining towards safe and natural ways of healing. It helps them to avoid the side effects of the medications and enables them to stay fit naturally. Diabetes is one such illness for which natural care treatments are available. Apart from herbal diabetes treatment, homeopathy also offers a wide range of medicines for treating high blood sugar levels. Diabetes is incurable permanently but, with homeopathy medications, it can control its symptoms. Therefore, homeopathy treatments help in naturally managing high blood sugar without causing side effects.


Is it safe for sugar patients to take homeopathy medicine for globules?

The manufacturers use cane sugar (sucrose) or lactose to prepare the globules used in homeopathy medicines. Homeopathic remedies have lactose as a base for homeopathy medicines. These medicines are dispensed in tablets or globules. The sugar content in the globules dosage is low. Even patients with severe diabetes can take on a teaspoon of globules per day.

Is homeopathy medicine safe for treating diabetes?

Homeopathy medicines usually contain a large number of active ingredients like heavy metals. It can be dangerous if you take the homeopathy medicine in an excessive amount or without consultation. In homeopathy treatment, most homeopathy medications are in diluted form. Therefore, it does not cause any side effects though exceptions are there indeed. Overall, homeopathy medicines are safe and effective for treating diabetes.

What to avoid while taking homeopathy medicines for diabetes?

When you are on homeopathy medicine, you need to avoid some food. It will help you avoid the side effects of homeopathy medicines. It will give you the most benefit of the homeopathy medications. Generally, you should not eat unripe fruits, sour fruits, or anything that is excessively sour. Avoid fish and marine products as well when you are on homeopathy medicine. Diabetes patients also need to avoid any food containing artificial food color or flavor.

Is there any cure for diabetes in homeopathy?

Yes, homeopathy has a cure for diabetes and symptoms of diabetes. Some homeopathy medicines help in treating diabetes. Abroma Augusta, phosphorus, Syzygium Jambolanum, Gymnema Sylvestre, and phosphoric acid are the top medicines in homeopathy for treating diabetes medicines. However, sugar patients should take these medicines only after consultation with a doctor.

How effective is homeopathy medicine in treating high blood sugar levels?

Homeopathy remedies are a balancing treatment for treating diabetes. It works well in treating the side effects of diabetes like diabetic neuropathy and erectile dysfunction. Homeopathy treatment takes more time than allopathic treatment to show the results. But, it helps in controlling the side effects. You can take homeopathy medicines in addition to the allopathic medications with some gap in between. Homeopathy medicine helps to minimize the side effects whereas, allopathic medicines work on the cause of diabetes.


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