The Benefits of Walking

Have you accepted the fact that fitness is not your cup of tea? Have you tried many times and failed many times? We know that it isn’t a good feeling. So, we have got one simple mantra for you to solve all your fitness problems — Walk it out!

But, why walking? What can something as simple as walking accomplish?

Trust us, it can do a lot. We can go on and on about the benefits of walking as it has a lot of them. But we will not do that. Instead, we would like to mention two aspects that go unnoticed many times. Here they are:


  1. Our idea of fitness is wrong

When we think about fitness we think of a slim waist, six-pack abs, broad shoulders and a host of other flexed body parts. But that is not what fitness is about. Fitness is all about maintaining your body in a certain way so that you can make the most of your life.

So, you need not pick up weights in order to stay fit. You need not have six-pack abs in order to stay fit. You can stay fit by transforming your lifestyle in such a way that helps your body to stay active for required amounts of time. This takes us to our second point.


  1. Human body is designed to walk

If you don’t agree with this, then you must take a look at trees. You will see that we can move while they can’t. Also, you might have heard it many times that human body is like a machine. But what happens when a machine is not used? What happens when it is not doing something that it was designed to do?

Yes, the machine starts malfunctioning. And if human body doesn’t perform the activity it is supposed to perform it will malfunction. So, it must move. It must be active. And what better way to keep it active than walking?

If you walk every day for a whole year, you definitely won’t have the physique of Tarzan. But you will be way more fit than you used to be. Walking is simple but don’t make the mistake of underestimating it because of its simplicity. Make simple changes like walking to the market instead of using the automobile, going for a stroll in the evening, walking whenever you are on the phone (walk-and-talk, if you remember that famous commercial from the television) and taking walk breaks in between work.

Though simple, these can go a long way in improving your fitness. So, involve walking in your day-to-day activities and see the difference in the long run.

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