The 7 commandments you need to stay fit, healthy and beautiful!

There are endless numbers of articles and books on what to do to get fitter. Tons of different types of exercises–yoga, Pilates, sports, running/jogging, gym, kickboxing, and so on, and multitudes of diet plans–keto, paleo, Atkins, vegan etc. The world of fitness cannot seem to agree on one thing that works for everyone, because there is no such thing.

But, there are a few things that they do agree on and that’s what we are going to share with you today.

The 7 commandments for honoring your body and mind, and staying fit.


1.  Move your body

Human body was not created to sit in one place for long hours. We were made to move. Notice, how most other species have to use 4 legs to walk and how we can walk comfortably with just two. Train your mind to get yourself to moving as much as possible. Why do we say “train” your mind and not simply ask you move? Because, we’re all lazy by nature and our mind will try best to keep us from moving or doing any work. But, once you tell your mind that fitness is your priority and you have no way around it, you’ll find yourself in the habit of moving around a lot more than you do right now.


2.  Get some exercise

This is closely aligned with the above point. But, this will be a planned activity so that every day you get at least a fixed duration of exercise. However, doing this would not be a substitute for the above point. They work complementary to each other and both are equally important.


3.  Stand up more

Very few of us have work where we have to spend more time standing. Not just while working, we sit even during meetings, breaks or chatting with colleagues. Kick that habit and make efforts to stand up often. After every half hour or 45 minutes, stand at your desk and continue working or do some other task that could be easily done while standing, for instance, making calls, talking to someone. The harmful effects of prolonged sitting can be countered largely breaking your sitting time with regular or intermittent intervals of standing.


4.  Control your portion sizes

No matter what diet you follow, eat in moderation. This will naturally limit your calorie intake, which in turn lets you burn a higher percentage of calories even with mild physical exercises. Some tips such as eating on a smaller plate, filling your plate with salads, etc. can help in eating less while tricking your mind to believe that you are eating larger portions.


5.    Avoid sugar as much as you can

Sugar is our enemy. Period. A sweet enemy though, which we find so hard to resist. And that’s where your discipline comes into play. Avoid consuming sugary drinks and fizzy drinks. Trust us, you can live without them just fine. And reduce the amount of sugar you add in the beverages you consume everyday such as tea and coffee. The best form of sugar for body is natural sugars found in fruits.


6.    Colour your plate!

Bright colourful foods including green vegetables, red beets and fruits are all considered to be healthy and nutritive. Make your plate colourful and your health will remain so, too!


7.    Respect your body

We take our body for granted, until any part of it stops functioning the way it’s supposed to. That’s when we wake up from our slumber. Start respecting your body and be grateful for a fully-functional body every morning. And make conscious efforts for maintaining your health. Also, stay away from bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.


Fitness is not as complicated as it’s made out to be. Just have respect for your body and the discipline to do what it takes to keep it healthy and fit!

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