Quick 6 Minute Workouts for Days When You Are Running Late

Morning, noon or evening – When is the best time to exercise? Choose any time of the day you are comfortable with but the most important thing to consider is to select a time of day you can stick with so that exercise becomes a part of your daily routine.

However, morning workouts are great for consistency and if you know you will not be able to fit in any workout during the day, it is better to squeeze sometime in the morning routine itself. But morning is the only time for so many other things – getting ready for office, preparing kids’ lunchboxes, getting a bite or two to satisfy your growling stomach, and so on. The below exercises will kick start your mornings and make you feel rejuvenated the whole day along.


Mix and Match Exercises

Here is a list of 10 time tested exercises that are effective in short bursts of 30 seconds to 1 minute. These exercises will get your heart pumping and help you start your day with a bang. As always, you should consult your physician or other qualified health care provider before starting any new exercise program.

Sr.No. Exercise Duration
1 Jumping Jack 30 secs
2 Squat 45 secs
3 Alternating Lunge 30 secs
4 Push-up 30 secs
5 Plank Jack 30 secs
6 High Knee 45 secs
7 Bicycle Crunch 30 secs
8 Standing Toe Touch Stretch 30 secs
9 Wall Sit 30 secs
10 Burpee 60 secs

Choose any 5 exercises from the above table, and do 2 repetitions of the chosen set for your morning workout.

We recommend burpees and squats if you are running short of time. They will get you huffing and puffing in 60 seconds flat, and exercise more muscles than any other of the lot.

Watch the below videos and let us know your favourite morning workout!






















Stretching Exercises

Instead of high intensity exercises, you can go for 5-6 minutes of stretching exercises to get all the muscles of your body working.

Stretching exercises increase your flexibility and decrease the risk of injuries. They also improve your posture and increase the blood flow to your muscles.

You can do the stretching exercises near your workstation when you want a break from your work.


Climbing Stairs

For lack of equipment and time, you can convert the stairwell of your building into your gym!!

Climbing stairs is a great cardio routine that also exercises your core muscles like abs, calves and hamstrings. It also burns calories for you, whether you climb up or down. Take the stairs instead of the lift to the office.

Ah! You are running late. No issues – take a flight or two of stairs during a break to exercise your muscles and increase your heart rate.

Remember not to climb stairs fast on a full stomach. It might give you stomach cramps, throat dryness and heavy breathlessness.



If you are keen to do a workout even on a full day packed with meetings and to-dos, you can sneak away for short spans of time to do stretches, exercises, or stair climbing.


Happy Working Out!!!


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