Mental Health Problems that You Should Know About

Mental health is an important yet the most ignored problem that plagues the industry. The acceptance rate for mental health issues is low and even lower is the awareness about these problems. It is important for everyone to understand that mental health problems are episodic and are very similar to physical health problems – and can be cured by proper medication and management. Here are some of the most prevalent mental health issues that go undetected in the adults which can be treated and managed easily to improve their quality of life.



Depression is one of the most common mental health issues observed in work places and can be triggered by excessive stress or emotional imbalance. Depression manifests in different forms, for example – restlessness, nervousness, and even irritability. If not detected and treated, depression can advance to physical manifestation in the form of body aches and muscle pains. Depression can lead the person to become withdrawn and unproductive, and can even impair decision making – adversely affecting their work lives.


Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is also a common mental health issue that affects a lot of working class people. It can result out of variety of causes, and manifests in the form of two phases – the depressive phase (when you feel low or extremely sad) and the manic phase (when you feel high or extremely happy). In simple terms, someone with Bipolar Disorder can experience extreme mood swings, which can have a huge impact on their life. Research by the World Health Organization suggests that Bipolar Disorder can cause a 35% reduction in the productivity of employees.


Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorder is a mental health issue that goes undetected the most. It can be characterized by restlessness, fatigue, lack of focus, and excessive worrying about future. Advanced form of anxiety can also manifest physically in the form of irritability as in the case of depression. Panic attacks and OCDs can also sometimes be the result of anxiety disorder.

There are many other forms of mental health issues such as Dissociation, Psychosis, Paranoia etc. whose symptoms may or may not overlap with those mentioned above. Hence, if you frequently experience any of the symptoms we discussed above, or if you just feel excessively stressed or panicked, perhaps you should get professional help, to find out the root cause of your problems.


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