Managing the Challenges on Your Journey to Fitness

You are motivated to take care of your health. You have a fitness routine and a healthy diet plan to help you with that. You make sure you follow them every day and you are happy with how you look and feel. You want to keep going. But then…life happens.

You may have a family function, holiday or a work trip coming up. Now, your fitness routine goes for a toss. You cannot follow your diet plan, you cannot workout and you may gain weight.

This is a common problem most of us face. While we try our best to follow our fitness practices, we cannot stop these events in life. And therefore, managing these situations without letting it derail our fitness journey becomes a challenge.

Let’s discuss how to tackle it.


Parties / Functions

Parties usually come with overindulgence in food and alcohol, both of which can take you back by a little more than a few steps or even yards away from your fitness goal. Here’s what you can do to stop it.

  • Do not miss the exercise, don’t think of parties as an excuse to skip workouts. Find time to do it, no matter what.
  • If it’s a family function, get involved in the preparation which will not only be a huge help but also allow you to burn a few calories.
  • Be satiated and hydrated when you arrive at the venue.
  • Instead of munching down the appetizers as they make the rounds, get all the appetizers on a plate. And no second trip.
  • In between treating your taste buds­—dance, talk and have fun!



While traveling, you may often find yourself with no access to gyms or a proper running track, and no kitchen to cook healthy meals in. Your sleep habits may get disrupted because of jet lag, your schedule and different time zones. But, with some planning, you can make sure that your fitness goals don’t take a hit while you’re out traveling.

  • Wake up early and hit the hotel gym if you can or go for a run before the activities for the day begin.
  • If you don’t have enough time, cut down on your workout time. But, do not miss it.
  • Plan sight-seeing with workouts. For example, you can run to the near-buy locations instead of getting a cab. You might even stumble upon a stunning sun rise or sun set!
  • Skip a meal to indulge a bit more on others, to control your calorie intake. Do this only if you are comfortable with skipping meals. This will also keep you energetic and active, and not feel lethargic.
  • Refrain from eating unhealthy meals in a row.
  • Pick from the menu foods that are high on proteins and fiber.


Unforeseen situations

While parties and trips give us some time to plan and prepare ourselves, there could be a few situations that take us by surprise. For example, a hospitalization in the family, our own sickness, unplanned work trip, unannounced arrival of guests or last minute panic when meeting a work deadline, all of which can push fitness out of our list of priorities. Here are a few things that you can still do to feel in charge of your fitness even as life happens.

  • Move around as much as possible.
  • If you have to work, do it while standing if you can.
  • Watch what you eat. Cook, whenever possible. And if ordering from outside, make healthy choices.
  • Do not miss the workouts when you do get the time. Don’t give in to the resistances or buy the excuses you give yourself.
  • Understand that this is a part of life and that you’re doing your best.


Embracing fitness in life doesn’t mean staying away from the things that you enjoy. It’s learning how to enjoy life and indulge, without letting it undo the hard work you’ve been putting in, to keep yourself healthy!






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