Inspiring India to adopt Fitness as a way of life..

Fitness is the next big thing. That’s what you keep hearing in the major metro cities of India. Albeit a few years (or a decade) behind most western countries, we have finally embarked on that journey to healthy living. 2015 saw a wave of e-commerce and food-tech companies, which matured very quickly and has made its way to every citizen’s smartphone. Among the bustle of everyday needs, lifestyle, well-being and fitness also came into play, although still at quite a nascent stage in the Indian market. Awareness, awareness, awareness!

But what is fitness? Oxford Dictionary describes it as “The condition of being physically fit and healthy”. While that’s acceptable in general terms, one must tap into what it really means for the masses and how each individual defines it. For one, it could be weight loss for an upcoming wedding or vacation, for another it could be the elusive six-pack, while for many it would simply entail chiseled shoulders and pecks. But perhaps fitness is an on-going thing. It’s not a reactive burst to short-term goals but instead a way of life.

“But what do I need to do to get that six-pack, or to run that marathon in 4 months?” That’s a problem we all have faced at some point. Maybe you know there’s that one Yoga studio next to the pastry shop, or that Gym with sweaty men grunting while pumping iron, or of course there’s the neighbourhood park where you started running only to give up a week later. Are there any other cool activities happening near you? Also you weren’t quite sure what kind of activity kept you going, and maybe you just wanted to mix it up a bit. Or maybe you thought enrolling for all three centres for Yoga, Zumba and gymming wasn’t affordable? If only there was a way you could club all these fun activities together and workout while socializing.

In fact, there is! ClassHop – “Hop Unlimited Dance & Fitness Classes”. One online pass that let’s you access all the Gyms and Fitness studios in the city. Instead of buying memberships at 3 (Or 4. Or 5!) different studios, only to drop out of all next month, you instead subscribe for ClassHop and get access to all classes and facilities at the best centres in town. Not only will you have an idea of what classes are being offered near you, you can also just reserve a spot for yourself through the app and show up. No need to deal with any print-outs or transactions at the gym/studio. Simply walk in with a smile, show your confirmation, workout, and walk out with an even bigger smile.

You’d be surprised to hear what activities the fine folk of Delhi/NCR have brought to your neighbourhood; I was certainly pleasantly surprised when I saw. While we have the more popular activities like Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Dance (Hip hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Contemporary) and Kickboxing/MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), there are also the hidden gyms in town like Fencing, Horse-riding, Archery and Skating! My personal favourite (and quite the rage in town these days) is functional training, under which you must have certainly come across the all-new Reebok CrossFit and Bootcamp, as well as tons of hardcore LesMills activities. Then of course, there’s always the good ol’ Gym where you could engage in some strength training, some cardio on the treadmill/elliptical or the traditional Spinning/Cycling.

Did I mention that every single one of these activities is available for access through ClassHop? Along with ClassHop’s own Exclusive Events that it holds at different select fitness partners’ facilities or in outdoor locations. All this fitness, while socializing with the highly engaging ClassHop community members – experts in their own fields, whether in the Corporate space, SMEs, artists, or highly influential citizens of this country. Here to redefine the definition of socializing or networking. Gone are those olden days where a bar is the only place to make connections – 2016 is the year where the most valuable meetings happen while rejoicing over good health and well-being.

To sum up, there are three major problems in fitness being faced that ClassHop seeks to address – Awareness, Variety/Convenience and Lack of Engagement. This New Year, let’s resolve to bring this gift to all those in our community – family, friends, colleagues, neighbours. Let’s Hop our way to Fitness. Let’s inspire India to adopt Fitness as a lifestyle!

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